Project Description


Dopa Inn didn’t have a post design that reflects their identity and focused properly on displaying their products. They didn’t know how to professionally set up their Facebook/Instagram and search for the most convenient hashtags and keywords in order to attract more audience.

In addition, they needed someone to manage their Facebook/Instagram post boosting and online marketing campaigns following a well-planned strategy to help increase their instore sales.

Dopa Inn instagram post screenshot showing their red valvet
Dopa Inn Instagram post screenshot showing their red valvet with AfkarTech design


After an extensive competitor analysis, ideas and keyword searching, we started with setting up their Facebook/Instagram with a strong story and bio that speaks about them.

Being a coffee shop with a lot of colorful food photos required a simpler design that can bring the audience to focus more on the displayed product rather than the background. A background with lighter colors or a blurred background was the solution. We were also careful that their logo is found on all his posts to ensure his brand is widely scattered.

At the same time, we have worked on developing their Social Media Marketing Strategy. Additionally, with the help of the owner, we were able to launch marketing campaigns, track the results and  made sure we boosted sales conversions.


A wider audience was developed on social media which had a noticeable impact on shop visits as well.