Project Description


HealthysPro needed an application that can be used as a business process management and customer relations management system for gyms, personal trainers and dietitians.

The challenge was to come up with something very user friendly and can be easily used by anyone. Also, knowing that there is a lot of competition in the fitness industry, we had to come up with something unique. HealthysPro had the idea of revolutionizing how diets and workout programs are designed and communicated with members.

With all that in mind, they wanted all the other small details of a regular fitness app like member progress tracking, membership management, invoicing… Finally, the system needed to be able to run smoothly and fast on slow internet connections.

HealthysPro web application Dashboard main dashboard opened on a computer screen
HealthysPro web application Dashboard main members section on a computer screen


We started with creating HealthysPro identity and developed a website to make sure it’s well recognized online. The complex part was the back-end system that holds the integral parts of HealthysPro application. We decided to go with a web progressive application that works both on desktop and mobile while keeping in mind security, speed and responsiveness.

During the development we worked closely with professional international fitness instructors and dietitians to collect data, run tests and make sure the application is user friendly and runs smoothly.

The application went through a lot of iterations to extend it’s features, so we came up with unique ideas that puts us ahead of similar apps in the market.


A web application that provides fitness instructors, dietitians and health centers with the best tools to manage their business and interact with members.