Project Description


Based on what we’ve seen after doing a site survey, the client used to have a  poor network infrastructure like poor patch cords, which indeed caused a lack of network redundancy.

The hardware switches and wireless access points poor coverage had sluggishness, bottlenecks, and unexplained downtime. Improper installation with bad and old wiring termination for the telephony system were the reason behind poor VOIP quality and disconnections. Consequently, our job was to provide the client with a new network installation and PBX as well without delaying their duties or affecting their quality of work.

Network chaos
Network cabinet including Pbx,switch and patch panel


19” Full Size Structured Cabling Cabinets has been installed with patch panels for the telephony system and network, wire managers, and patch cords, to create each interconnection. Circuits can also be rearranged by plugging and unplugging respective patch cords.

We proceeded with all telephone and network core cables termination. After that some testing and labeling was done to reduce downtime that can lead to revenue loss. Finally, we Installed and configured PBX, Ubiquiti access points, managed switch with VLAN security and connected other existing devices to the network.


Having a highly organized network increased the available network bandwidth and overall network performance.