Project Description


Sharaf El Din Center has a small library located in Tyr, Lebanon. The owners decided to expand and establish their presence online. They were using excel sheet to keep track of books and events they do.

The computers used to enter data are old and not maintained by an IT. They needed a system to transform the process into an easier system with some automation. Also, one of the important requirements was to have reliable search feature that can handle Arabic language and big data collections.

Screenshots of the sharaf el din library website books page and about us page
Screenshots of the sharaf el din library website home page


We started with setting up their computers and the local server to be able to access everything offline in the library. We developed the LMS at the early stage so they can start moving their work into the new system as soon as possible.

After that we started designing and developing the front-end. One of the challenges we faced is working with a search engine and the support for arabic and LRT development tools. Elasticsearch was what we landed on using for the search after some tweaking. We are currently in the final stages of testing and later bringing the system online.


Having a highly organized network increased the available network bandwidth and overall network performance.