Project Description


A CCTV system is not just about installing some surveillance cameras on the wall and getting them connected to a control room.  It is more of a technical and professional process which involves many interlinked phases starting from an initial concept, passing through a solution design, roll out, and an eventual live performance.

cctv camera outdoor installation


Igloo Nursery CCTV installation project has gone through different steps:

  • Inspecting of the project site and selecting the appropriate cameras’ location
  • Offering a proposal of the system installation
  • Designing the system plan to clarify quantity and quality needed
  • Running network cable and mounting cameras
  • NVR setup and installation
  • Operating and testing the system components
  • Monitoring  the whole system from a central location (server)
  • Providing training for the operation of the new system


The project lead to a lot of benefits in helping the client maintain order and ensure safety while still being cost effective.