Project Description


Women Biz360 is a startup incubator for women entrepreneurs in Africa. They wanted to build a unique identity to establish themselves online as a major player in empowering women entrepreneurs. But they did not know how to professionally set up their Facebook/Instagram/Website to attract their niche audience. Also, as part of their business, they run events every month that do not get tracked or marketed properly.

In addition, they needed someone to setup and run their Facebook/Instagram/Website marketing campaigns following a well-planned strategy to help create more leads and increase their conversion rates.

Women Biz360 final website home page screenshots
Women Biz360 final website events and blog page screenshots


After a couple of meetings to understand their background and the African culture more. We started with creating their identity by choosing their color palette and creating their logo. Then, while designing the website and it’s sections, our team was creating the base content for both the website and social media channels with a strong story and bio that speaks about them.

Additionally, we were able to launch successful marketing campaigns by creating attracting content(video/photos). One of the campaigns we recall is the 2020 Breakthrough program, in which we were able to create a 100+ lead using a custom landing page that collected all the info needed with a unique impressive design and a s simple responsive form.


Established a unique identity for Women Biz360 with a custom website and social media channels that helped successfully reach their niche audience.